Sep 12, 2010


Babies can't read, but you can probably appreciate this: Baby Here and There and Robbie & Bobby appear in this month's issue of the The Houston Entertainicle! See them in the Reader Contribution section on page 9. Snip Snip! Now you have something nice to put in your scrapbook. But who's going to see them there? Your grandbabies? Show those comics off!


E-mail a picture of your fridge adorned with a real life newspaper clipping of a Baby Here and There and/or a Robbie & Bobby comic. I'll draw you a picture of a fridge! Everybody's a winner!

Send fridge photos to:

babyhereandthere (at) gmail (dot com)

Don't wait, because like all great things in life, the The Houston Entertainicle is free! Find in at your local news stands.

This contest is also open to readers of the The Daily Cougar, available on the University of Houston main campus. Robbie & Bobby is printed in the Daily Cougar every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year.