About the Authors

Jason Poland and Julai Whipple met a long, long, long long long time ago, but didn't start making Babies Here and There together until recently. A new Baby Here and There is born about three times a week.

Julai excels at eating ketchup, getting up to madcap hi-jinks, and taking bubble baths (not necessarily in that order.) Jason has a real fixation on cleaning the dryer's lint filter and is super at doing this really hilarious 1920s villain laugh. (Seriously, you should hear it, it will jerk off your funny boner.)

They have a canoe named "The Butter Course" and three beehives. With actual bees inside! And in a pinch, they can almost play "Happy Birthday" on the toy accordion. In the future, they will keep drawing B.H.A.T., win several Golden Globes, and spit-shine each others monocles while laughing cruelly at the common folk who cannot afford monocles. Or spit.


email: babyhereandthere (at) gmail (dot ) com

B.H.A.T. is approaching dangerous levels of popularity, but we still make time for our adoring fans.